European High Yield Online

Can It Be Done?

Bringing The High Yield Community Together


In some ways this is an experiment: Can members of the finance community get together and collaborate in order to better the whole?


The aim of this site is to bring together participants in European High Yield Market. There is a huge amount of talent, be it on the Buy Side, Sell Side, Independent Research or News in European High Yield. This site aims to be a lens bringing that energy and talent into focus . I have to admit to be a little daunted by the task, but I believe in the idea, and here we are.

The site consists of 3 main areas – the Blog, the Forum and the Community. The Blog is where I plan on publishing my thoughts and ideas on the High Yield Market along with guest posts. The Forum and the Community are where users will be able to post ideas, discuss and most importantly ask and answer questions.

Initially the blog will be the only part accessible on the site. The Community and Forum are meant to drive engagement, build relationships and allow individuals to share their experience and knowledge. The ideal –” Learn. Share. Grow. Repeat “ is at the heart of what I want to achieve. Can we bring everyone together? I hope so.

Bringing individuals together whilst respecting their corporate identities and loyalties is a hurdle to be crossed but one that is not impossible. If we can put men on the moon then ensuring a safe and compliant environment for professionals to exchange views, educate and share news is hopefully within our ability.

“A truly independent platform for high quality engagement” is the end goal. To achieve this the site will charge for membership. Why charge? firstly to ensure people are really interested in joining. Secondly to incentivize. Members will be able to earn back their subscription through participation. Member’s who contribute regularly, answer questions in the forum will enjoy a free membership. If you don’t contribute at all you will end up paying the full subscription. Simple.


What Can You Do?

  • Spread the word – share this article on social media
  • Register your interest and Subscribe to the Blog
  • Get in touch – email me at [email protected] – views and more importantly help are wanted


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